BVLS Members Q&A

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How long have you been with BV?

@daaron1981It been 5 years

@marz_el_malevoSince June 2019

@nigelwoodzI start my BV journey in 2019

@nima_bvlsSince December 2016 as a hopeful and became a Villain on April 2017

@thepirate2014Thinking I've always had the BV mindset, but found the brotherhood in 2014

@matty_j71Since March 2016

@bamiszo2017 first reached out!

@scottgood26I started my BV quest in 2019

What is you nickname, and how did your nickname start?

@daaron1981I got the name Dan_0 from An old member from BVTO called me Dan_0 and it stuck.

@marz_el_malevoEveryone calls me Marz. It started in elementary school because all the teachers had a hard time pronouncing my last name…Marziali. So I was anointed MARZ. My grandfather used
to call me El Malevo, however; that is for a face to face explanation.

@nigelwoodzI have two names which people call me Woodz and Nacho. For about 10 year I was an indie artist and by mistake I created a myspace account using my last name but putting a z instead of an s and it stuck. People did think that my real name was actually Nigel Woodz. Nacho started because Marz's wife can’t pronounce Nigel properly…she always says Nacho, so that stuck.

@nima_bvlsI have a good number of different nicknames, to name a few BV related: IAMBUNS, Houdini, Persian Thunder... LOL

@thepirate2014I've been called "Elvis" cause side burns, "Jesus"cause my long hair, "The Undertaker" cause my darkclothin and trenchcoat. "Pirate" came from my return from the Caribbean in 2003 after aging a pirate on a rum boat and then my journey  following the Beach Boys song threw the Caribbean.  I visited 17 Island.

@matty_j71Matty. Started from my men’s slow pitch team over 10 years ago.

@bamiszoBam given to me by my grandma when I was a baby

@scottgood26Scoot no clue just buddies started calling me it in high school

What is your favorite game or sport to watch and play?

@daaron1981One of my favorite sports to watch and play is soccer. Played soccer for 14 years growing up. My second favorite sport that I love to watch is American Football. My favorite team is Green Bay Packers.

@marz_el_malevoI’m a big sport fan and would watch pretty much any sport, but two of my two top sports I love play and watch are both Football aka soccer and Golf. One of my favorite sporting
events is the Olympics.

@nigelwoodzMy favorite sport is basketball. I love to watch and play the game of basketball. Growing up I was obsessed with the game my father got upset because I did nothing else but watch, play, and talk about basketball. I started collecting basketball cards back when I was 12 year old which I still have today. I’ve collected over 10 thousand basketball cards all in perfect number order.

@nima_bvlsBasketball, Soccer, Tennis

@thepirate2014I'm a bit of a pool player and enjoy darts; I enjoy watching sport like soccer. One particular game I loved watching was  Germany play world games at my pub #HansaHaus

@matty_j71Love playing slopitch and golf. Like watching all sports.



If money was no object, what would you do all day?

@daaron1981Volunteer somewhere to make a difference

@marz_el_malevoI will open a play for free golf course so all those who can't afford it can come and enjoy anytime they want.

@nigelwoodzI would work with the homeless and less fortunate to help them find good jobs, housing and more.

@nima_bvlsTravelling all around the world and also help humanity

@thepirate2014This may be crazy ;) I would find a warm beach and I'd love to restore an old Chinese  junk ship as I love woodwork

@matty_j71Ride a Harley, read and play golf


@scottgood26I'd drive across North America with my girlfriend and dogs

What are your hobbies?

@daaron1981I enjoy building things for around the house.

@marz_el_malevoI love to drink a good Bourbon, smoke a great Cigars & play a good game of Golf.

@nigelwoodzI have a few hobbies: Mountain biking, road biking, hiking, basketball, collecting shoes, and watches

@nima_bvlsCooking, IT/technology, watching random educational YouTube videos and shows

@thepirate2014I enjoy a BBQ on the beach with my ladys and a wee bit of fishing. I also enjoy a little photograph to show off my life on Instagram

@matty_j71Sports, doing things around the house, recently started paddle boarding.

@bamiszoRunning! Biking! Training! Backpacking! Hiking!

@scottgood26Going for hikes

If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?


@daaron1981: Flight

@marz_el_malevoMind control, life would be so simple after that! LOL

@nigelwoodzI have a few powers I would want: 1. The ability to fly. 2. The ability to fast forward and rewind time. But my number 1 power, I would want the ability to heal.

@nima_bvlsSo hard to choose one, but it would be one of these: telekinesis, invisibility, time travel or intangibility, reading dogs mind and feelings

@thepirate2014mmm curious I always liked MoonKnight, but he was just a regular  dude with some cool gear like batman. I like capes "strength", so I could do more to help people like super-man or Captain Canuck

@matty_j71I’ve always wanted to fly

@bamiszoThe ability to cure anything!

@scottgood26I'd want to be like the hulk (HULK Smash)

Who is your hero?


@daaron1981: My kids!

@marz_el_malevoMy Wife and my 3 daughters.

@nigelwoodzMy daughter.

@nima_bvlsMy parents

@thepirate2014My step Dad. He stood up and made me the man I am today and my Opa that raised him.

@matty_j71Jack Layton

@bamiszoMy Dad!

@scottgood26My dad

What is your favorite quote?

@daaron1981“If you’re not first, you're last”

@marz_el_malevo"Better to die on one's feet, than to live on one's knees" - Emiliano Zapata

@nigelwoodz“Real music is not want you hear, but what you feel when you hear it” – Nigel Woodz

@nima_bvls“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” - Paula Coelho from the book "The Alchemist"

@thepirate2014DISCE PATI... LOL MUST BE MY LUCK LOL FAMILY MOTTO LOL .DUNCAN Motto: Disce pati (Latin: Learn to suffer or learn to endure) and so I do lol BUT WITH A SMILE because I've made pain my friend also we learn to endure things together  by lifting others up #OneRiseWeAllRise and #WeRiseByLiftingOthers this has been hashtags installed from beginning of my BV journey they ring deep in my soul cause the brothers that were there after my accident

@matty_j71“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not”– Unknown

@bamiszo“Alone we can do anything! Together we are unstoppable”

@scottgood26You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. - Wayne Gretzky” - Michael Scott

What's the most daring thing you've ever done? 

@daaron1981Back packed in Australia solo for 1.5 months

@marz_el_malevoI once jumped off a 60ft cliff into a lake, don't ask me why, but it happened!

@nigelwoodzWhen I was younger I had an original BMX bike. This bike was so cool I wouldn’t let anyone ride it. One day another kid dared to race me for my bike. It was on. I kicked his ass by the way. However, in the process of doing that the brakes on the bike gave out while going around a corner and I slammed into a wire fence. I had to win, bleeding from my arms and leg I got back on my bike and won the race. No one ever raced me and my BMX bike again, because it got stolen…hahahaha.

@nima_bvlsIt's in progress, skydiving hopefully after COVID, but also surviving the pandemic (so far!)

@thepirate2014Jumped off the top mast of a pirate rum boat into the ocean. I'm a bit claustrophobic in deep water and another things is, I walked to Lexington, Kentucky from Bolton, Ontario almost 920 km (572 miles).

@matty_j71Went on a 1000 km (621 miles) motorcycle ride a month after getting my license

@bamiszoRan a marathon! (Went from disliking running to running a marathon)

@scottgood26: ............

Would you rather trade intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence?

@daaron1981Be smart and ugly

@marz_el_malevoI would trade looks for Intelligence everyday of the week and twice on Sunday's. Why? Because you can't fix stupid!

@nigelwoodzLook for intelligence.

@nima_bvlsLooks for intelligence

@thepirate2014I'm just fine as I am I got a little of both and a whole lotta Irish charm.

@matty_j71Looks for intelligence

@bamiszoI'd rather have intelligence 

@scottgood26Looks for intelligence

Your favorite BV memory

@daaron1981Meeting up with Matty_j for the first time to watch the Packers at wild wings. Who knew it would turn into a life-long friendship.

@marz_el_malevoI have two: The first time meeting the BVTO brothers and the second was the day Dan_0 asked me to be his Co-Captain. "I'm not crying! you're crying!"

@nigelwoodzBucko in 2019. This was the first time I was introduced to a bunch of the BV members. I was not about to attend the events going on the second to last day, but that night I drove to the hotel where many of the BV brothers and Queens were staying and hung out for a few hours. This was the first time I met many of the BV members. It was a pretty memorable moment.

@nima_bvlsThe time before Christmas when a few of us were handing out hot tea to some homeless people in a cold December night in Toronto when I was still a hopeful, also not to forget Nima's meaty meet meat

@thepirate2014: There are so many memories, but it could be the first meet seeing all the new guys I've chatted with online. Or maybe it was when I did #asherswalk2016 and met the kids at the end of the walk. We were helping for the down syndrome programs there. Or it could be the moment a brotherhood watched over me at the hospital after my accident. They slept on a hospital chair for 3 days. I really don't know I'm still making memories.

@matty_j71Traveling to Puerto Rico for the BV World Meet in 2019

@bamiszoBeards for bucko

@scottgood26Beards For Bucko