Dan Cummins: @daaron1981

This man needs no introduction! Dan_0 is the captain of this humble ship and he does it with all the qualities you would want from one... Leadership, Kindness, Empathy, Passion and Loyalty. He is a proud father and devoted husband. He exemplifies the true meaning of what it means to be a bearded villain and is always there for you when you need that shoulder to lean on, or that ear to listen and the words of wisdom to guide us all. This chapter and brotherhood will continue to flourish with men like Dan.

Marcelo Marziali: @marz_el_malevo

If you don't know this Villain then you are missing out big time. @marz_el_malevo is the fiery Latin heart of this chapter. He does so much for so many without asking for anything in return. He's an outstanding Villain and BV Lakeshore is all the better with him in it.

Nigel Woods: @nigelwoodz

If you don't already know @nigelwoodz then you need to step up and get to know this amazing human being. He’s one of the most empathetic and kind people you could ever hope to call brother. He is a real asset to @beardedvillains and to our chapter.

Nima Oghanian: @nima_bvls

Introducing our brother @nima_bvls aka Persian Thunder aka Houdini aka I Am Buns. This lil Villain might be small in stature but what he lacks in height he more that makes for with heart. Nima is an all around awesome brother and we are proud to have him here in BVLS.

Kevin Duncan: @thepirate2014

This is a Villain who almost needs no introduction. The godfather of Canadian Villains @thepirate2014. This guy will have your back in every situation. His generosity and love for this brotherhood knows no bounds.

When asked why he decided to help start a new chapter after being with BVTO since its beginning, he said.... I want to help grow the club, have a new adventure.

Matthew Jackson: @matty_j71

@matty_j71 is a man who needs no introduction but we’re gonna do it anyway. He's a Villain with a heart of gold and when he moved to BC he left a hole in all of our hearts. He helped BVLS get off the ground and as one of our founding fathers we made him an honorary member for life. Who could have thought that 4.5 years ago at wild wings and a Green Bay Game would @daaron1981 and @matty_j71 have become brothers.

Lorenzo Guite: @bamiszo

For anyone who knows Bam he's the type of guy who will give you the shirt off his back or the hat off his head. He's a loving father of three daughters and a devoted husband. He’s simply an all around great guy. We here at Bearded Villains Lakeshore are happy to be able to call him brother.

Scott Good: @scottgood26

For anyone who knows Scott they can tell you that he’s a stand up guy. Despite his better judgment he’s a die hard Leafs fan so much that if he got cut he would bleed blue. He’s a devoted pet owner to his fur babies and he’s a great asset to Bearded Villains Lakeshore. We are glad that we can call him our Brother.